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Abidjan City Apartment
Project Abidjan
Project Guangzhou
Project Blue Hills
Project Blue Valley
Project Johannesburg
Project Kinshasa
Project Northcliff
Project Houghton
Project Waterfall
Project Windhoek
Project Windhoek Boutique Hotel


My foray into Interior Architecture was quite serendipitous. I remember interviewing for a position at a prestigious firms Interior division and ended up in the Architectural department for 4 and a half years. This experience further reinforced my desire to be in the career of affecting peoples experiences inside buildings as opposed to outside them. 

I ended up focusing on Interior Architecture after working at a museum in New York City and my passion for the discipline, providing habitable yet bespoke interiors, has been my focus ever since.

I specialize in  Interior Architectural design, custom and limited furniture and bespoke shop-fitted elements for residential and commercial applications.

Each project is client specific and influenced by the Architectural look and feel, the client's needs and lifestyle.

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