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Juliet Kavishe Portrait by Centred Studi


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Juliet is a practising Professional Interior Architect, Design Educator and a Design competition juror. With a career spanning 17 years and two continents, she has worked as an Interior Architect and Architectural Designer from the conceptual to completion stage within teams and as a lead designer on projects focusing on residential homes and commercial and corporate workspaces globally. Juliet is an Executive Board Member of the PADI (Pan Afrikan Design Institute), which strives to create a Design community specifically for Design professionals and academics focusing on African Design and African-focused Design education. Juliet is also a Vice President of the ICoD (The International Council of Design), whose mission is to increase the recognition of the value of design, elevate the global standards of all design disciplines, and improve the situation of individual designers everywhere. Her education was further bolstered by a traineeship focusing on bridging the gap between spatial design and curatorship of artworks at New York’s Guggenheim Museum, where she worked closely with Architects and Curators to ensure the vision of both disciplines was met.


Juliet has written and contributed to conference proceedings and book publications and has a solid publication record.  Her passion for the promotion of the Design profession, particularly within a broader African context, has led to various opportunities to share her expertise in Interior Architecture, including a lecture on sustainable design and traditional African building practices at the World Policy Institute in New York, USA, a lecture on a Reimagined African Writing System at the 2022 DECOREX Summit, and call-up as Juror for the Caesarstone Student Design competition from 2019 to 2024. She went on to compose the Caesarstone Student Design competition brief for 2020/21, which was one of the most successful briefs dealing exclusively with Adaptive Re-Use of sites and buildings and has composed the 2024 competition brief calling upon South African Students to design a Museum of Languages at the Maropeng Precinct.

Juliet’s upbringing in four countries on two continents and extensive travels have inspired her to create spaces influenced by her global citizenship. Juliet’s personal Design Motto is that Architecture or Design is achieved once you consider the complexities and interrelationships of human beings and their surroundings. Her current research and practice areas of interest are design education, Curatorship, African Design and the Written language.

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