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Double Volume Lounge
Main Bedroom
Main Bedroom Ensuite





WORKSTAGE 03 (Technical Documentation)

Design is indeed a universal language and drawings and sketches transcend language.

My experience with this upmarket villa located in Kinshasa, Congo, was proof of that, and in as much as we got to the technical documentation stage whilst awaiting structural resolutions, I truly enjoyed the simplicity of the design process.

Worked on the design concept, designs and technical documentation of the design process.

This involved all documentation and design resolution with regards to bathrooms, kitchen, joinery (casework) & bedroom designs, layouts, finishes, sanitary and chrome ware specifications, lighting, electrical and ceiling designs and layouts and final translation of design drawings with contractors based in Kinshasa.

(Worked on the Project whilst under the employment of M Square Lifestyle Design, Johannesburg, South Africa).

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